Why Is Authentic Italian Food Meant To Be Shared With Others?

Italian families love cooking food together. They make it all from scratch, and they make plenty of different dishes, all meant to be shared. I wrote a family cooking blog post for a website one time, and one of the great family meals was spaghetti. It’s fun to make spaghetti together as a family, and how you go about that is focusing on the sauce. Italian food in general is meant to be shared (now you can do that even without cooking through some Italian restaurants Miami).

Of course, while Italian dishes are often shared, I found it interesting what I read about authentic Italian pizza. In Italy, it’s said that the pizzas aren’t necessarily as big and aren’t shared. There were plenty of other characteristics of pizza mentioned that surprised me, too. Again, with pizza, just like spaghetti, it’s all about the sauce. To me, pizza is all about the crust and the toppings.

Maybe they do or maybe they don’t often share their pizza in Italy. However, think about lasagna, ravioli, Fettuccine Alfredo and more. All of your favorite Italian dishes can be sampled and shared. Have you ever been to an Italian food buffet? You might not see them everywhere, but I’ve been to one before (lucky to have Miami Italian Restaurants near me). They are great!