Our home reflects our feelings and style. One of the biggest decision when decorating external areas of homes is deciding what to use, whether travertine pavers or concrete pavers. Many people are not sure what type of pavers they want. Unlike furniture and plantings, pavers materials are not easy to change once they are fixed. The decision most of the times depends on your budget, style and expected outcomes. There are many factors to help compare the two types of pavers.

The common shapes of pavers in the market are triangles, hexagons and rectangular. These kind of pavers are usually concrete; concrete pavers are man-made , which means you are able to mold them into your desired shape. On the other hand, travertines are a natural stone from limestone and are only into shapes either square or rectangle.

Travertine pavers are natural stones, this means they are excavated from quarry making them hard to obtain. However, concrete pavers are man-made and are made on demand so making them budget friendly.

Durability matters when choosing pavers. Travertine is durable as they contain calcified material making them stronger. Concrete pavers are strong but not as strong as travertine pavers and this makes them shift and eventually lead to breakages.

Deciding which pavers to use is determined by your style and your expected outcome. Travertine pavers are natural stones making them unique and have earthy look. Concrete pavers are made in a way that they imitate travertine but don’t have those natural characteristics.

When you want to sell a house travertine pavers are the best as they are natural and unique this makes them to add resale value to your home. It attracts prospective buyers. Weighing the differences between these two pavers, travertine outstands concrete as it gives your home a warm welcome.