Enhancing Sensual Pleasure With Healthy Ancient Aphrodisiacs

When it comes to enhancing sex, the Greeks and Romans were renowned experts. These cultures used aphrodisiacs to increase passion and the experience of the lovers. Both the Greeks and the Romans were inventive when it came to the use of aphrodisiacs. These were common foods and herbs and many can still be found today. These included raw oysters, considered a symbol of the love goddess Aphrodite. Among the Romans, oysters represented Venus, another goddess of love. Many know of the famous painting where Aphrodite emerges from the ocean wearing nothing but an ethereal look on her face.

The ancients did not limit themselves to just oysters, however. They also used pomegranate juice which happened to be made from the fruit of Aphrodite’s favorite tree. This juice was mixed with wine and provided a lustful sexual experience. Another ancient aphrodisiac was opium, which was also added to the wine.

Lotions were also used to increase the sexual experience and were liberally rubbed directly on the penis. Some of these lotions and mixtures were actually a bit painful but were believed to serve as an aphrodisiac to bring on a more sexual pleasure.

The ancient Romans and Greeks were known for their orgies and strong sexual appetites. Trying their favorite aphrodisiacs could make your life more interesting (or you can just buy aphrodisiac to any drugstore near you).