Figure Out Shipping Quotes For Your Business

If you’re just starting your own business that requires shipments to your customers, you may find it difficult to navigate all of the different aspects of sending out boxes at first. It may seem like a lot of work (hint: it is), but you can make the entire process a whole lot smoother with a few simple tips in your pocket. For example, if you need to know how to provide an accurate shipping quote that makes sure you don’t under or over charge, it’s really as simple as getting a small shipping scale (you can make use of this freight quote app).

Shipping rates are all about the weight of the box. The size will factor in if the box is particular large, but for the most part the weight is all that will matter. Let’s say you utilize USPS. You can order boxes from their website for free, and also use their website to put in the weight of boxed up orders to get the exact shipping quote to any specific zip code. With that, you can make sure you don’t lose money or charge your customer too much. Finally, you can even print your shipping label at home and arrange to have the mail courier pick it up for free, saving you tons of time and money!