Identifying Eye Problems: The Top 3 Symptoms To Watch Out For

Eyes are a very serious and delicate matter; however, most people don’t give much thought to their eyesight, until a problem emerges. Don’t let that be you – watch out for the following three symptoms (or learn about Atlanta lasik in case you’ll need one):

Are Your Eyes Irritated Often?

It’s one thing to find yourself with watery eyes while you peel an onion, quite another to suffer with irritation for no apparent reason. If your eyes don’t feel right, talk to a professional about them.

Do You Find Yourself Squinting Frequently?

Changes in your actual ability to see things can be an indication that you have an eye problem, so don’t mistake poor vision for natural aging. While age could be culpable, it’s important that a doctor make that diagnosis, not you (or Google, your Uncle Johnny, etc.).

Have Your Eyes Physically Changed In Appearance?

If you notice redness, puffiness, cloudiness or any other anomaly, this, too may be a sign of trouble. Any symptom that doesn’t clear up within a day or so should be noted with an eye-care professional (maybe you’ll need lasik).

Your eyes are simply too important to neglect, so be observant about any changes in them and report what you find to your doctor. Even if nothing is really wrong, a little extra TLC never hurt!