Incredible Facts About The Iconic Barbie Doll Toy

For decades, girls all over the world have enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls. However, very few women are familiar with the unique and interesting history of this popular children’s toy. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Barbie, you should keep reading! You’ll soon learn a number of exciting facts. Or you can visit

Her Full Name Is Barbara Millicent Roberts

When a lot of people think of Barbie, they think of that one name: Barbie. However, Barbie is only a nickname. The doll’s full name is and always has been Barbara Millicent Roberts.

The First Barbie Sold For Only $3.00

In 1959, when the first Barbie was sold, the retail price was only $3.00. However, the doll was less affordable than it may seem. When you take inflation into account, a Barbie doll would have cost more than $20 in today’s dollars.

Barbie Comes From A Big Family

Over the years, seven different “siblings” to Barbie have been sold. This includes Barbie’s younger sisters Skipper and Stacy, as well as her younger brother, Todd.

Barbie Broke Up With Ken

While Barbie’s boyfriend Ken is almost as famous as she is, the two spent some time apart. In 2004, she dated a surfer named Blaine. She and Ken reunited in 2011.

Barbie’s Clothes Were Made In Japan

Originally, all of Barbie’s clothes were made in Japan, where they were stitched together by Japanese workers. That changed in the 1970s. Today, Barbie clothes are made in several different parts of the world.

There is more to Barbie then clothes and fashion! She has been one of the most popular toys in the world for decades. Every year, many new Barbies are released. She is one of the most beloved dolls in the world, and it seems as though she will stay that way!