Spy Text

How to Read Text Messages without Having Someone’s Phone

If you are like me, there may have been times where you just wanted or needed to know what text messages were on your husband or wife’s phone. You might work together, as is the case with me and my husband, and need certain information for billing client accounts. It is just easier to get the texts off the phone remotely rather than having to get the phone in your hands to read them.

I know that there are also some people that really do have a need to see a partner or teenage child’s texts without them realizing it. You just want to know if someone is safe or perhaps if something is going on.

While you cannot use the technology available now to access someone’s cell phone texts and violate privacy laws, there are ways to get them and read them without having their phone on you. One of the best ways is to get a spy-type of software.

You can buy it and download it to a computer. You enter the cell phone number you want texts from. Then, over the air, the software retrieves them for you. I recommend it for convenience if nothing else.

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