Three Money-Savings Tips for your Next Grand Canyon Trip

Vacations are always expensive. Regardless of destination, you will end up spending more money that originally planned. If you want to avoid the mistake of spending more than what you can actually afford, here are money-savings tips if you’re visiting the Grand Canyon!

  • Go Off Peak

The perfect time to visit Grand Canyon National Park is during spring months between the months of March and May. Intense heat can be very problematic during summertime between the months of May and September. There’s always the monsoon season that visitors need to remember when planning their tour of the Grand Canyon. This period falls between the months of July and August.

However, if you want to take advantage of cheaper accommodations might as well book a flight to the Grand Canyon during off peak season. These months cover November through February. However, there are limitations to this, since the North Rim is closed during winter. You may only visit the South Rim. But for first-time tourists, taking a tour of the South Rim is more than enough for them to soak up the Grand Canyon experience.

  • Take a tour from Las Vegas

If you are coming from Las Vegas, you can take public transportation to the Grand Canyon. There are also vendors headquartered in Las Vegas that offers one-day and multi-day trip for guests originating from the Sin City. You can even enjoy a magnificent helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for as low as $250 per person!

  • Go to Zion National Park

If you are planning to bring your vehicle, don’t forget to take a side trip to Mount Zion National Park. This tourist destination may not be as massive as the Grand Canyon, but it will surely add to the good memories of exploring the beauty of southwestern United States (make sure you don’t miss Supai Falls).