Looking for a boost?

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While Spanish Fly used to be talked about all the time, it is not as popular these days. Even so, I know a fair amount of information on the subject. Here are a few interesting things I know about it.

Spanish fly is actually the name of a green beetle. It is said to have aphrodisiac properties and people have used it for this purpose many times in history. The problem is that this is poisonous and many people end up injured as a result. This is why it is illegal in many different places, including the United States.

There are generic products on the market that use the name Spanish fly because it is so popular. The reality is that none of them contain the actual beetle in question. They are synthetic chemicals that are alleged to have aphrodisiac qualities. I am not sure if any of them actually work since I have never purchased any or come across anyone else that has.

There is this crazy story I came across once about Louis XIV and Madame de Montespan. It claimed that she got some kind of witch doctor to make a potion that contained Spanish Fly in an effort to make him like her. Whether it actually worked or he would have liked here anyway, they had a very long affair that resulted in seven children. Apparently, someone had quite the appetite for love.

As I said a few minutes ago, I have never tried this and I probably never will. I guess I am one of those people who needs my passion to be of the all-natural variety. If you are looking for a boost, maybe this is the answer for you. I suppose you will never know unless you give it a shot. Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac, think about it.